How to Block Application Updates

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How to Block Application Updates

Post by PNCCorpUseSoftware »

Product, version and build: PrimalScript 2021 7.7.146
Operating system: Win10 1909
PowerShell version(s):

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We have recently moved to the PrimalScript 2021 7.7.146 version, due to our company application update, approval and deployment process, we need to prevent users from getting prompted or doing the "check for updates" within the application so they do not attempt to download and install any version that hasn't been reviewed or approved. Due to most users of this application having "admin" rights to their workstation, that in itself is not restrictive enough.

If it is not possible to change something within the application setup/registry, can you provide what URL would need to be blocked that when users chose "check for updates" it would not find a newer version? Also any download URL's that would need blocked to stop them from downloading. I'll be submitting this same request for Powershell Studio as well.

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Alexander Riedel
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Re: How to Block Application Updates

Post by Alexander Riedel »

You can uninstall the SAPIEN Update tool. That would effectively put an end to PrimalScript and PowerShell Studio checking for updates.
However, we frequently update PrimalScript and PowerShell Studio to address changes in the operating system and PowerShell. PowerShell 7 is on a specially aggressive update path itself and requires us to frequently issue updates. Please note that while we can make a note on your account that you discourage unapproved updates for your employees, we cannot actively prevent your users from reading our change logs and downloading the current version themselves. If they request support in this forum for a specific problem, they may still get instructed to update to the latest build if that is solving the problem.
I also have to stress that if an update includes any security updates in the products or third party components (e.g. the WiX installer toolkit), it will be your responsibility to to inform your users and roll out any required updates.
Alexander Riedel
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