Cosmetic issue - in the About dialogs and License infos there is something wrong

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Cosmetic issue - in the About dialogs and License infos there is something wrong

Post by DrewEaston »

Product, version and build: SAPIEN Software Studio 2017 products here, specifically PrimalScript 2017
32 or 64 bit version of product: 7.3.103
Operating system: Windows 7 Home Premium (Service Pack 1)
32 or 64 bit OS: 64 bit

Hi Guys & Gals,

This is only a cosmetic problem it does NOT effect the functionality of ANY of the products or their usability.
This is mainly to help you guys & gals get the programs to report 100% correctly sometime in the future.

Being as there is NO forum for the entire SAPIEN Software Suite I decided to place this here being as PrimalScript is having this problem and it is one of the two Flagship products.

I recently extended my license for the Software Suite, and as good measure, just updated ALL of install products to the newest versions as of today (25.05.2017).
As I was cross checking that all was well, I stumbled across some inconsistencies between the individual products, as to what they display in their "About" dialogs and what is in the "License information" dialogs across all of the Software Suite programs. This was a good time to see if everything was seen as up to date or not.

Well surprise surprise, two products are simply wrong as to what they show in their "About" dialogs:
(See the attachment for screen shots of ALL of the "About" dialogs and the "License information" dialogs, All license numbers had been blurred out)

"PrimalScript 2017" and "VersionRecall 2017" are ONLY showing that the Productivity Pack is correctly licensed several other products are shown to be in "Active Trial" mode even though the "License information" dialog shows that the license IS current!

The "WMI Explorer 2017" and the "PowerShell Help Writer 2017" fail to show the properly set Productivity Pack license!

All other programs "About" dialogs were displaying the correct information!

All of the Productivity Pack products were completely correct in both their "About" dialogs and the "License information" dialogs.

As to the "License information" dialogs for the non Productivity Pack products:

three products report that the license is valid through: 05/2018:

These are:
. PowerShell Studio
. PowerShell Help Writer
. PrimalSQL

and three others products report that the license is valid through: 06/2018:

These are:
. PrimalScript
. WMI Explorer
. VersionRecall

And one reports that the license is valid until: 06/2018

This is:
. PrimalXML

I am sure that you guys & gals will get a handle on this as soon as you can.
Please let me know when it "should be" fixed because I will only check it again for correctness after that.

It would be nice if the dialog titles of the "License information" dialogs would have the products name and maybe version in it.

Have fun! :D
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