Keyboard shortcut zoom text in editor

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Keyboard shortcut zoom text in editor

Post by cking2 »

You have so many keyboard shortcuts but I would love to know if there is one to zoom the text in the editor window. I know how to do this in options or dragging the zoom control, just want either a keyboard shortcut or my zoom switch on my keyboard to work. The zoom on the keyboard works in web pages (Edge/Chrome), Office products and PowerShell ISE (yuck) but sadly not in PS or VSCode (CTRL +/- keyboard shortcut though). If that control has focus the arrow keys do work but so far the only way I can give focus is to click on it.

So maybe this is just a feature request.

PS 2018 7.4.112
64 bit version
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MS Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 v1.0 (yeah, it is old but I like it)

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Re: Keyboard shortcut zoom text in editor

Post by mxtrinidad »

Beside the use of the Font Size bar at the right bottom of the PrimalScript, sounds like valid feature request.
If you find any possible feature request you may want to see in our products, feel free to submit them at:

Thanks for the feedback!