Location of .msi files

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Location of .msi files

Post by r.massone » Mon Dec 09, 2013 4:13 am

Dear SAPIEN Support,

I recently reinstalled my computer and installed the latest versions of your software.

I noticed that the installer places some files in the "%APPDATA%\SAPIEN Technologies, Inc" folder and some on the "%LOCALAPPDATA%\SAPIEN" instead of the %ProgramData%. In particular they are the .msi files used to change/remove/repair the software.

Since it is not a given that the software will be maintained by the same user that installed it, I think this data should be moved to a "public" repository in either the %ProgramData% directory or the %windir%\Installer.

Furthermore, since the %APPDATA% folder is actually roamed and synchronised between computers on the network (in an AD environment), we are actually replicating files that are of no use if the software is not installed and possibly affect the removal of the application in case they are removed (eventually by a network policy on file shares).

Should it be impossible for your software to have these files stored within the %ProgramData% folder as per Microsoft guidelines, they should at least be moved in a consistent location such as the %LOCALAPPDATA% folder.

The products currently affected by this issue are:

- PowerShell Studio 2012 (%LOCALAPPDATA%)
- PrimalSQL 2012 (%LOCALAPPDATA%)
- PrimalXML 2012 (%LOCALAPPDATA%)
- PowerShell Profile Editor (%APPDATA%)
- WinForms Interactive Reference (%APPDATA%)

Kind regards,

Renato Massone

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Alexander Riedel
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Re: Location of .msi files

Post by Alexander Riedel » Mon Dec 09, 2013 9:43 am

Thanks for the information. We will look into it.
Alexander Riedel
SAPIEN Technologies, Inc.