[PSS2017] Set DPI Compatibility when in Debug

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[PSS2017] Set DPI Compatibility when in Debug

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I have a number of GUI projects which are quite sizeable and therefore which I shan't be adapting to make use of DPI-awareness any time soon. In fact, it is more likely that they will be refactored to use XAML and WPF controls. However in the interim I still need to make minor modifications periodically.

Working on a high DPI system, I find that the compiled .exe will scale correctly if I first set the display compatibility within the properties of said executable. If I do this, then the forms will render themselves exactly as they would on our low DPI target systems.

However this doesn't work when I am running the project in PSS Debug. Is it technically possibly that this might be made an option? With the debug host making use of OS-provided compatibility settings?

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Re: [PSS2017] Set DPI Compatibility when in Debug

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Please make sure to always post in the correct forum and answer the version questions usually accompanying a new post. It will allow us to help you quicker.

Please provide the version information for PowerShell Studio and Windows. Additionally, all packaged applications and running in the debugger *should* be DPI aware without additional settings, unless you disabled manifests system wide or are using a different Windows version than we test with.
In order to determine how to help you, please post screenshots of the differences you see.
We will try to replicate your results and see what we can do.
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