wrapping my head around dynamic forms

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wrapping my head around dynamic forms

Post by brian.graf@outlook.com »

I've got a form that has a flowlayoutpanel and essentially three columns:
The items on this form are generated based off of the number of Log files that are found containing a specific phrase, for example:
log file reads: "New Event: ____" for each of these log files the code creates the first label based on the name ______, a progressbaroverlay is added and a label that will contain either the job number or the process_ID.

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	$progressbaroverlay = New-Object 'SAPIENTypes.ProgressBarOverlay'
		$progressbaroverlay.Name = "PBO$i"
		$progressbaroverlay.Size = '253,23'
		$progressbaroverlay.TextOverlay = "10%"
		$progressbaroverlay.value = "10"
$i is an integer that increases foreach of the objects.
my problem is that when I want to go back and change the value or textoverlay I get an error:
ERROR: Property 'value' cannot be found on this object; make sure it exists and is settable.
line (1): ERROR: At Line: 1 char: 1
ERROR: + $PBO3.value = 20
Just to test out how it works, I'm trying to increase the value of each of these on a timer_tick with the following code:

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	1..$Global:i | ForEach-Object {
		iex "`$PBO$_.value = 20"
any idea how/why this won't work?

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wrapping my head around dynamic forms

Post by SAPIEN Support Forums »

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Re: wrapping my head around dynamic forms

Post by davidc »

You are creating the control dynamically correct?

Looks like you are saving the progress bar to variable $progressbaroverlay and setting the name to "PBO$i". When you set the control's name it doesn't automatically create a variable named $PB01. That only happens in the designer.

When creating dynamic controls like this you might want to store the variables in an array or list.

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