Printing a document with QR Code

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Printing a document with QR Code

Post by rocky.pabillore »

Hey guys,

currently an intern left with a very half/baked gui to print out documents with qr code.
He's using the word api for this and it is very very buggy, and sometimes it would not print to the right printer.

jvierra posted this on the vbsscripts forum: Set pd = CreateObject("MSComDlg.CommonDialog.1")
pd.PrinterDefault = Truepd.ShowPrinter

I really just want to know a way to select the document, and open it up with the printerdialog to print. I tried to do this with IE .net but i know IE will be gone soon. anyone please help?

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Re: Printing a document with QR Code

Post by jvierra »

THe print dialog no longer exists.

What kind or documents are qr documents.

Start-Process document.qr -Verb Print