Setting a variable once in a recursing function

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Setting a variable once in a recursing function

Post by skippy »


I have a script with a function that recurses through folders. One of the things I'm doing in the function is setting a value for the $previous_folder_location at end of the function. Then on the next run-through I access that value at the beginning of the function and work with the previous_location.

I'm somewhat new so I'm unsure on how to set that variable at the beginning since there's no previous folder yet. I could set it to $null but then it would get set to that on every run.

Would appreciate any help from those that are much smarter than me :D


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Re: Setting a variable once in a recursing function

Post by jvierra »

Start by reading about "Advanced Functions" to learn how functions work and what can be done with them.

help about_Functions_Advanced
get-help about_functions*|fl name,synopsis

The answer to your issue is to set the variable in teh "Begin" block of the function and use the function in a pipeline. YOU caould also just pass the variable to the function as a parameter and initialize it outside of your loop.