Encrypt a string and read the decrypted one from file

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Encrypt a string and read the decrypted one from file

Post by hackoo »

I found an useful code on the net to encrypt and decrypt strings.
So i wanted to change it a little , in order to let the encryption and decryption in the same batch and not into two separate files here is the link Batch Encryption

And here is my modified code:

Code: Select all

@echo off
    title Encrypt and decrypt string
    color a
    (set CHAR[a]=UDFM45) & (set CHAR[b]=H21DGF) & (set CHAR[c]=FDH56D) & (set CHAR[d]=FGS546) & (set CHAR[e]=JUK4JH)
    (set CHAR[f]=ERG54S) & (set CHAR[g]=T5H4FD) & (set CHAR[h]=RG641G) & (set CHAR[i]=RG4F4D) & (set CHAR[j]=RT56F6)
    (set CHAR[k]=VCBC3B) & (set CHAR[l]=F8G9GF) & (set CHAR[m]=FD4CJS) & (set CHAR[n]=G423FG) & (set CHAR[o]=F45GC2)
    (set CHAR[p]=TH5DF5) & (set CHAR[q]=CV4F6R) & (set CHAR[r]=XF64TS) & (set CHAR[s]=X78DGT) & (set CHAR[t]=TH74SJ)
    (set CHAR[u]=BCX6DF) & (set CHAR[v]=FG65SD) & (set CHAR[w]=4KL45D) & (set CHAR[x]=GFH3F2) & (set CHAR[y]=GH56GF)
    (set CHAR[z]=45T1FG) & (set CHAR[1]=D4G23D) & (set CHAR[2]=GB56FG) & (set CHAR[3]=SF45GF) & (set CHAR[4]=P4FF12)
    (set CHAR[5]=F6DFG1) & (set CHAR[6]=56FG4G) & (set CHAR[7]=USGFDG) & (set CHAR[8]=FKHFDG) & (set CHAR[9]=IFGJH6)
    (set CHAR[0]=87H8G7) & (set CHAR[@]=G25GHF) & (set CHAR[#]=45FGFH) & (set CHAR[$]=75FG45) & (set CHAR[*]=54GDH5)
    (set CHAR[(]=45F465) & (set CHAR[.]=HG56FG) & (set CHAR[,]=DF56H4) & (set CHAR[-]=F5JHFH) & (set CHAR[ ]=SGF4HF)
    (set CHAR[\]=45GH45) & (set CHAR[/]=56H45G)
    echo Enter a string to encrypt:
    set /p Encrypt=
    set Encrypt2=%Encrypt%
    set "EncryptOut="
    set char=%Encrypt2:~0,1%
    set Encrypt2=%Encrypt2:~1%
    set EncryptOut=%EncryptOut%!CHAR[%char%]!
    if not "%Encrypt2%"=="" goto encrypt2
    set /p CryptedPass=<%~dp0encrypted.txt
    echo Input string clear text ===^> %Encrypt%
    echo Output string crypted ===^> %CryptedPass%
    set /p Decrypt=<%~dp0encrypted.txt
    set Decrypt2=%Decrypt%
    set "DecryptOut="
    set char=%Decrypt2:~0,6%
    set Decrypt2=%Decrypt2:~6%
    set DecryptOut=%DecryptOut%!CHAR[%char%]!
    if not "%Decrypt2%"=="" goto decrypt2
    echo Input string: %Decrypt%
    echo Output string: %DecryptOut%
my problem is in the last part of the code ie the display of the string to read the decrypted string from the text file? he shows me nothing ?
Surely I missed something? but I can't find it where exactly ?
thank you in advance

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Encrypt a string and read the decrypted one from file

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