Transpose Datagrid View Data

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Transpose Datagrid View Data

Post by SQLHarry2 »

I'm working on creating few script for pulling data from SQL Database and Display into Data Grid View.
one of the requirement is that the after pulling the Data from SQL Database, Data needs to be transposed and then be DIsplayed in Datagrid.

Col1 | Col2 | Col3
11 12 13

If above is the data from SQL Server.
Datagrid needs to display data as

Col1 11
Col2 12
Col3 13

Appreciate any ideas to transpose.
Above example displays just for one. Looking to create a function to be perform this activity even for Multiple rows.

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Re: Transpose Datagrid View Data

Post by LtMandella »

Google TSQL "unpivot" ?

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Re: Transpose Datagrid View Data

Post by jvierra »

You can also create a cross-tab query using T-Sql.

Here is a simple example: ... ql-server/