ExitCode in compiled GUI

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ExitCode in compiled GUI

Post by Bender2010 »

Hello together,

Product: PowerShell Studio 2020 5.7.179
Version: 64 Bit
OS: 64 Bit

I have created a simple GUI with only a Button to Exit. When click on the Button, the complied EXE file shoud be return a specific return code. When I understand correctly, I must using for that $script:ExitCode = XX.

I have added this to my function unter MainForm.psf

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	#TODO: Place custom script here	
	$script:ExitCode = 99
For a test, I have also added on the end this line to Startup.pss.

When I run in a cmd.exe my complied exe file, echo %errorlevel% returns everytime 0.

Is $script:ExitCode not working with compiled forms?

Best regards

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Re: ExitCode in compiled GUI

Post by jvierra »

Should be:

$global:ExitCode = 88