PrimalSense expands vbScript func'n NOT property

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PrimalSense expands vbScript func'n NOT property

Post by koolezt »

Firstly, congratulations on a well-thought-out product (though the steep price imposes careful buyer-scrutiny and heightened expectation of quality / perfection).

I'm evaluating PrimalScript 2009 Trial version v 5.0.627, and can't seem to get PrimalSense to expand Visual Basic properties. It successfully expands VBScript.dll's methods such as

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Function Abs (ByVal  number) As Variant 
Function VarType (ByVal  varname) As Variant 
Function Weekday (ByVal  Date, [ByVal  firstdayofweek]) As Variant
complete with word-completion, parameter-hinting and syntax colouring, but fails to provide word-completion for properties (constants) such as

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(Read-Only)  Property vbAbort As Variant
(Read-Only)  Property vbYesNoCancel As Variant
from the same library.

Once I type a property-name, it does provide correct case and syntax colouring, but I'm on my own for correct spelling.

What am I doing wrong? Can you help?
Thanks in advance.

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Alexander Riedel
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PrimalSense expands vbScript func'n NOT property

Post by Alexander Riedel »

I apologize, but we cannot help. You have been asking for support in the pre-sales forum since 2007 without registering a product at any time.
Our technical support is free for paying customers and the pre-sales support is for overcoming trial problems or questions regarding installation.

If you have a license please register it and post in the appropriate forum for registered users.

Alexander Riedel
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