expanding objects in Variables window

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expanding objects in Variables window

Post by davestiff »

The Variable Explorer in PowerGUI (remember that application?) allows Objects to be expanded for easy viewing. You can drill down to see exactly what you want from large XML or JSON objects.

Currently PowerShell Studio has one line per variable and does not allow for expanding. This makes viewing Objects very difficult.

Yes, you can go to the Debug Console and see the variable but that could be several pages scrolling by.


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Re: expanding objects in Variables window

Post by davidc »

You can expand variables using the Variables Panel when debugging. The Watch panel is the exception, because it only displays the result of the specified expression.

Currently the variable panel only goes down a few levels deep, but we intend to improve this by allowing users to dig down deep (on demand) without causing a large data collection over head when you hit a breakpoint. Stay tuned.

Thank you for your feedback!
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Re: expanding objects in Variables window

Post by datacore.glenn »

I'm late to the party on this thread but I'd like to add that currently (v5.4.143) if a variable is expanded in the Variables Panel, then it collapsed again when the next breakpoint is hit. In fact, the whole Variables Panel view resets.

It would be more useful if the view state and focus were maintained between steps.