Create Login FORM Username & Password

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Create Login FORM Username & Password

Post by shamir_79 »

Is there any possible way that we can have a Excel/CSV file with 02 colums (Colum1-Usernames, Colum2-Password) .

When user types the Username and Password and clicks Login, It shd checked the Excel/CSV file. If that credentials are available he/she shd be allow to login, Else shd give sm ERROR "Access Denied" ... Is this possible and easy?

Plz provide with the step. thanks :-)

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Create Login FORM Username & Password

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Re: Create Login FORM Username & Password

Post by jvierra »

I am not sure what your quesiton is? Excel has the ability to be password protected. If you need help with Excel you need to post in n Excel forum. This forum is for PowerShell scripting.

If you are asking how to login with a form you realy can't. Windows handles logins for us.

If you are asking how to build a password protected form then you need to understand that there is really no secure way to do what you are asking without wwriting a good amount of code. You can start by searching the Interenet for any examples. Yu can search for Excel exmples and examples of howw to write PowerShell scripts and forms.

Post back if you have a more specific question.

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Re: Create Login FORM Username & Password

Post by cothomas »

It sounds like the op is asking for a mini version of Active Directory.

A couple of questions:
1. Are the logons just for accessing the application?
2. Are you using these logons for domain authentication?
3. How secure does the source database (usernames and passwords) need to be?