Adding new item to existing .pff

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Adding new item to existing .pff

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I have struggled with this since I started using Primal forms CE a year or two ago, I am just wondering if there is an easier way around my issue.

Basically I have a primal form .pff that I've created, and have exported to a power shell .ps1 file. I then later decide I want to add another item to the .pff. This causes me to have to export the form code to a new .ps1 file. At that point I have to re add any actions that I had to form components such as onclick, etc, as well add my business logic into the body of the script.

Is there a work around for just merging my changes into the existing ps1 natively with primal forms? I've looked all over the place in help etc, I just have never been able to figure this out.


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Adding new item to existing .pff

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Re: Adding new item to existing .pff

Post by davidc »

PrimalForms is no longer supported and was replaced with PowerShell Studio.

PowerShell Studio allows you to edit the event block scripts directly in editor and you never have to modify the exported file. In addition, it will save you hours of work over the community edition, by providing PrimalSense and numerous templates to choose from.

We offer 45 day trials of all our software. I recommend downloading the software and see if it fits your needs.

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