Cannot Add properties to Object in Powershell Studio, but works in Powershell ISE

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Cannot Add properties to Object in Powershell Studio, but works in Powershell ISE

Post by rubberduck »

PowerShell Studio 2018 (64 Bit)
Build: v5.5.155
OS: Windows 10 Enterprise (64 Bit)
Build: v10.0.17134.0


I have a simple task that works in the Powershell ISE, oddly enough not in Powershell Studio.

I have a click event that takes a name from a textbox,
searches for this name via Get-ADUser and then builds a new object with only two properties.
These two properties should be added to the 'PSCUSTOMOBJECT' '$Result'.

If I use the click event to query new names with Get-ADuser again and again, all new entries should added in $Result again.

Unfortunately in my Powershell Studio the $Result array seems to be deleted over and over again, there is always only one entry in it, the last one.
In Powershell ISE every entry is added correctly and the array logically gets bigger.
Maybe I also have a thinking error?

Here is the code of Powershell-Studio

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$Result = @()

$btnGo_Click = {
	$User = (Get-ADUser -Identity $FindUsername)
$data = @{
SamAccountName    = $User.SamAccountName
DistinguishedName = $User.DistinguishedName
	$Result += New-Object -TypeName PSCUSTOMOBJECT -Property $data
	Write-Host " : $($Result.SamAccountName)"
As I say, the output of $Result.SamAccountName is always only the last name, I'd expect an addition of multiple names if I run it multiple times.

Output from Studio

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: Peter.Pan
: Bon.Jovi

*** PowerShell Script finished. ***
>> Execution time: 00:00:39
>> Script Ended
I was expecting an addition here, so peter.pan bon.jovi

Now the same in Powershell ISE

Code: Select all


while ($exit -eq 'false' )
 $Input = Read-Host  'Input User Name to find or type "q" '
if ($Input -ne 'q'){

  $User = (Get-ADUser -Identity $Input)
  $data = @{

    SamAccountName    = $User.SamAccountName
    DistinguishedName = $User.DistinguishedName


  $Result += New-Object -TypeName PSCUSTOMOBJECT -Property $data

  Write-host -ForegroundColor Yellow ": $($Result.SamAccountName)"


$exit = 'true'

Output of ISE

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Input User Name to find or type "q" : peter.pan
: peter.pan

Input User Name to find or type "q" : bon.jovi
[b]peter.pan bon.jovi[/b]
Here the variable $Result was extended by the second entry. In the example above there were two single entries

I hope I made it clear what I meant.
Do you have any idea what that could be, so why does the variable "$Result" seem to be reset?

many thanks in advance
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Re: Cannot Add properties to Object Studio, but works in Powershell ISE

Post by jvierra »

The issue is that the code in the ISE and in the form are completely different. Each has a different fundamental scope which causes the "$result" array to not be saved in the form.

Here is how to remedy scope in a form:

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$script:result = @()
	$User = Get-ADUser $txtUsername.Text
    $script:result += [pscustomobject]@{
        SamAccountName    = $User.SamAccountName
        DistinguishedName = $User.DistinguishedName
    Write-Host '---------New result list---------' -fore green
    for($i = 0;$i -lt $result.Count;$i++){
        Write-Host ('{0}:{1}' -f $i, $result[$i-1].SamAccountName)