richtextbox and array data

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richtextbox and array data

Post by mqh777 »

I am doing a gwmi of a key. This key returns an array of data. Example: {1,16,5,7} if I run the following in PowerShell ISE it works.

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$Reason = (gwmi -ComputerName 'RemoteSystem' -Class mbam_volume -Namespace root\microsoft\mbam).ReasonsForNoncompliance

It will return 
But I can't get Append.Text to display the same array information in my RichTextBox.

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$buttonWhyBitLockerFailed_Click = {
	$textPC = $PCNameBox.Text
	$statusbar1.text = 'Checking BitLocker, please wait...'
	$Reason = (Get-WmiObject -ComputerName '$TextPC' -Class mbam_volume -Namespace root\microsoft\mbam).ReasonsForNoncompliance
	if ($Reason -ne "")
     		$statusbar1.text = 'All done!'
		$richtextbox_output.AppendText("MBAM Policy requires this volume to be encrypted but it is not.  Errors are: $Reason")


I've tired $richtextbox.lines = $Results and that too displays nothing. How do I display the contents of an Array?

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Re: richtextbox and array data

Post by davidc »

Whenever setting text in a RichTextBox or TextBox you must make sure you convert the objects to strings

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$textBox.Text = $results | Out-String

Note: The RichTextBox's Lines property expects an array of strings.
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