activation in a non-persistent VDI environment

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activation in a non-persistent VDI environment

Post by zzschmittr »

Product, version and build: Powershell Studio 2022 5.8.207
Operating system: Windows 10 x64 21H1/21H2
PowerShell version(s): 5.1, 7.2
32-bit version of software? No

We're looking to use this software in a non-persistent VDI environment where the user's OS is refreshed at each logoff and the user logins to a new VM each day (VmWare App Volumes 4). How is the license/activation data maintained?

I saw the FAQ on the activation quick start guide
-Q: “I regularly reset my virtual machine where I use your software. I need to activate each time I reset my VM.”
A: Install and unlock our software, then create a snapshot of your virtual machine. Once you reset to that snapshot, our product is already activated and you do not require any additional activations.”

But what if it’s non-persistent? Is it stored in the user profile (which is retained at each logon) or it written to another location? And does the activation include part of the machine name (which in our environment is randomly generated at each logon)?
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Alexander Riedel
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Re: activation in a non-persistent VDI environment

Post by Alexander Riedel »

If your machine is entirely non-persistent, including user data, then this won't work. But that is normally not the case. ... -machines/
This article explains the items that need to be persisted between sessions. Without them, some or all functionality, including activation, may not operate.
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